Dear Diocese of California,

I write to you from COP22, the United Nations climate summit, being held in Marrakech.

Like many of you, Sheila and I stayed up through the night following the results of our November 8 elections, especially the presidential election.

First, I want to say I’m grateful for the long, widespread, and continuing effort that allows us to live in a healthy democracy, where people may vote without fear. The repeal of the Voter Rights Act point up the fact that the maintenance of a democracy takes hard, vigilant work, and we must work on to seek a more perfect union, while we give thanks for our great country.

Also, I want to urge us all to pray for the President Elect — may the Holy Spirit shape him to assume the office as one who will lead us to a just society. May Mr. Trump become a president who keeps immigrant families together and creates an equitable path to citizenship for them. May he work in the area of racial reconciliation and to recognize the rights of women. May Mr. Trump become a president who will recognize the peril of our planet and seek its healing.

We also pray in thanksgiving for Secretary Hillary Clinton and her gallant candidacy and the her many-decades dedication to the welfare of the vulnerable.

Today, standing in the public zone of COP22, the Episcopal delegation led worship around the theme of courage. We heard this scripture: “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me.” (The Gospel of John)

At the end of the service, attended mostly by Moroccan Muslim women, we prayed the following prayer:

Please God, give us courage to lament this loss, and to give our full selves toward a new future. Give us the courage to reject half truths and easy answers. Fill us with courage to speak out and stand up. Empower us to move past divisions and forge new partnerships. Give us courage to name our dependence on all of your creation. And send us forth renewed and inspired to share your love. Amen.

Please pray that prayer with me.

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