This week we mark the beginning of the holy season of Lent. The word in Dutch quite literally means Spring and it is the time of year of lengthening days and waiting for new life. Christians for centuries have engaged in spiritual disciplines to prepare for the celebration of Easter. This begins with the solemn remembrance of our own mortality.
We encourage you to find a parish to begin this seasonal observance. There will be no service tomorrow night but we will resume next week with Taize prayer.

Service options in Berkeley are:
St Mark’s (2300 Bancroft) has a 12 pm and 7:30 pm service for Ash Wednesday. The 7:30 will feature the exquisite “Misere” of Allegri (a setting of psalm 51) which was a piece thought so beautiful that it was once kept under lock and key.

All Souls (2220 Cedar) has services at noon and 7:30pm.

St Clement’s (2837 Claremont) has service at 6:30pm

Good Shepherd (1823 9th Street) has a noon and 7pm service.

Blessings at the start of Lent and hopefully see you next week (with a friend) for our Lenten use of Taize chant.

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