No discussion group this week. Instead we will have a special panel at 6:00 on interfaith work in the past and today. There will be a special liturgy using 7th century Chinese Christian texts and early chants at 7:30. Afterward we will have informal conversation time with our presenters and a wide array of foods.

Thursdays following Candles and Chant

Join us each week on Thursdays around 7:45 for a meal (free!) and discussion on Book 1 of the Harry Potter series. This discussion group is open to all regardless of belief. The discussion time is preceded by a candlelit service of chant. All are invited but participation in the service is not required for the group.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is adapted from a reading group at Harvard University and also the podcast of the same name. We are offering this discussion out of recognition that the Harry Potter books form an important moral and imaginative touchstone for many people, especially during times of struggle and challenge. Our group builds on the connection to the text by using ancient practices of reading sacred texts to allow the books to speak to us in new ways about our current life. Our hope in offering this time is to build community around a common text and provide skills of discernment and finding purpose in life. Please join us and bring a friend!

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Thursday Evening Schedule:

7 PM Candles and Chant at St. Mark’s (optional for discussion group participants) Enter on Bancroft Way at the Chapel Door.

7:45ish Enter through the Ellsworth Gate to join us for dinner and conversation.

8:00 Discussion Group begins.

9:00 Mischief Managed!